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Jerky Direct

Jerky Direct has new owners and has re-launched the business. This website does not have the updated information as of yet.

The information below is not correct and has to be re-written. If you want to write an article with your Jerky Direct information in it just call Bill at 225-413-8928.  The charge to be this website is $200 for 6 months and $300 for the year. Other pages and websites available at a very low cost. Rock bottom advertising.

Jerky Direct
is among the top companies that you can generate an income from marketing jerky in several different ways. Some people do this business from home with just their computer and an internet connection. Some people set up at fairs and festivals and others build a team of representatives from people they meet and other sources including online. This product does well in several other ways which we will look at below.

Is this a risk free venture?
Almost,,, for less than $15 a month you are in business with two bags of jerky and a company replicated website. Find 6 others to do the same and then help them get their 6 people.

Ways To Make Money In The Jerky Direct Business

Make money in 3 different ways:

First, you can make good sums of money through direct sales of their products. This involves talking to people and letting them sample the product and have them look at your website. If a person likes the jerky and they go to your website then you may just get them to sign up as a customer or better yet they become a distributor. Just like any other networking marketing program, you will make a commission from your sales and your down-line sales to 7 levels below you. The amount you can make depends on your determination. You have the opportunity to make a good income in Jerky Direct. Many people are happy with an extra $300 to $500 a month while others build their business looking to make 5 to 10 thousand a month. It can be done but will take a lot of work.

Buy Wholesale And Sell Retail At Local Outdoor Markets
The standard way of making money is through distributor sales. You buy product in wholesales and at a decent price that allows to make good profits. For example, you can choose to resell products in any manner your want, for instance, through parties, flea markets, local business and any other way you want. The best part with Jerky Direct products is that when properly displayed at the places mentioned above the products sell themselves. Your display rack can hold up to 24 assorted bags of jerky. Your wholesale purchase price allows you to sell the products at a very competitive price, yet you will make good money from your sales.

Doing The Jerky Direct Business Online
Your online jerky business in unlike anything out there. With all kinds of jerky such as buffalo jerky beef jerky, organic jerky, turkey jerky, chicken jerky among many other products that you can choose to sell. Your goal is to get people to your company website. Often you will have a gateway site like the one you are on here or you can market through social media. When a customer goes to your Jerky Direct company site and makes a purchase you get paid. The company will handle all orders and processing, shipping and delivery to your customer. No hassles, just a stress free way to make extra money or even a full time business income. You will make sales in no time if you have a good social media following. Facebook is a prime place this business can be marketed along with Pinterest and Twitter.

Some potential customers will go to your website and join the business opportunity without you even asking them to do so. People see the $12 signup that also gets them 2 bags of jerky along with a free company website. Most other companies charge $10 to $20 a month for this kind of replicated sales website, yours is free.  Jerky Direct is one of the most reputed and respected network marketing companies in the US with a very strong customer base. When you get a customer you keep a customer. You are not going to have customers doing one time purchases and that is the last you see of them. The product taste good and it’s quality. People want quality and when you deliver that you get a customer for life.

Some customers become representatives: At some point your customers may want to make some money and you have Jerky Direct available for them. They have been eating the product for months if not years so you do not have to sell them on anything. Just tell them to share the product with their friends and see what happens. This is a simple business, keep it that way.

Marketing Jerky is an amazing way to make money from the comfort of your house. It is an outstanding opportunity that combines online and offline sales into one opportunity. I love my jerky and many times I purchase extra bags to eat. They are great gifts to give a variety basket or to add to a basket.

Think of all the people that eat beef jerky.

People that go camping.
Hikers carry it because it is lite and full of protein.
Snow Skiers carry it for a quick snack while on the chairlift.
Great addition to a survival kit.
Organic jerky appeals to the health minded person.
Many people go for the all natural jerky.
No MSG in our jerky is a big people pleaser.

Stocking stuffer at Christmas.
Almost everyone eats jerky including me and you. There is some type of jerky that everyone will like with over 30 different types including fruit jerky we have it covered.

So what are you waiting for? Signup for one of the best and lowest priced business opportunities available anywhere. Jerky Direct is in pre-launch and you can get in on the ground floor.

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