History Of Jerky

The History of Jerky

History Of Jerky

History Of Jerky

The history of jerky goes back at least to the Incas but possibly further than that. At some point, the discovery of hunting animals and fowl for food and the preservative qualities of salt intersected. The result is a nutritional high protein food product that needs no refrigeration, eaten without further preparation and no need to get off your horse for a meal. The North American Indians introduced it to the early settlers who knew the food would be lifesaving. Possibly, the west would have been sparsely settled if not for jerky. There is no way to know how many times the only food that stood between people and starvation was jerky.

Process Of Making Jerky

We know they went through many buffalo and later chickens and turkeys to make jerky. The hard part was hunting and preparing the meat. After that, the process of making jerky was simple. The leanest parts of the meat were dried, salted and cut into strips. Sometimes they added fruit and eventually people blended their own seasonings as a rub before drying the meat. Perhaps reputations were built on who made the best-flavored jerky. Maybe even then, they were sharing the unseasoned portions with their dogs. Jerky is still a canine favorite and today varieties are made especially for them.

Jerky Products Are In High Demand

Jerky is still a favorite of people like you and me, today as well. Buffalo jerky is still available as well as chicken and turkey. These days, it is more practical to make jerky from lean beef since beef is more accessible. Deer hunters like to make their own jerky from deer meat. The traditional methods of preparing jerky without chemical preservatives is still the best and healthiest. The demand for jerky products remains high among people from all lifestyles. Outdoors men still find it a handy snack but you can also find it tucked in desk drawers in offices and the backseats of cars filled with kids off to sporting events. Don’t forget the dogs also love their jerky treats. People also find this high protein low fat snack good for weight loss.

Jerky Then And Now

Jerky has been around for 100’s if not thousands of years and is a product that helped a many of people to survive some hard times. Now jerky can be found at just about every local corner store to the biggest big box stores. As a kid I remember eating Slim Jim’s all the time but it was not until I got involved with Jerky Direct that I realized that I was eating a form of jerky called a jerky stick. My personal history with jerky started at the age of 5 and now in my 60’s it is with Jerky Direct. I loved eating jerky at 5 in the form of a Slim Jim and still do today in a more healthier version that is made from organic range fed meat products. The authors favorite jerky is the Original Organic Beef Jerky from Jerky Direct.

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