Fruit Jerky

What is Fruit Jerky?

Home Made Raspberry Fruit Jerky Rollups

Raspberry Fruit Jerky Rollups

Fruit jerky is simply pureed dried fruit. The dried fruit strips are referred to as “fruit leather” because the fruit strips are shiny after they have dried. Commercial products like fruit roll ups are found on grocery store shelves. Be careful of the commercial roll ups though because they may contain more added sugar and artificial ingredients than fruit. Fruit roll-up jerky is a favorite of children and it can be a nutritious snack. Made without added sugar means they can be part of a diabetic diet as well. If you search a little you can find organic fruit jerky made without artificial ingredients and chemicals. On the other hand, you could make your own.

Easy To Make Jerky

Use one pint of fresh, home preserved, canned or frozen fruit for each 13” x 15” leather. Puree the fruit with 2 teaspoons lemon juice and 1/8th teaspoon ascorbic acid to prevent the fruit from darkening. Add a little applesauce as well for less tartness and a pliable leather. The puree should be smooth but add a bit of water if it seems thick. Cover a 13” x 15” cookie sheet with plastic wrap, making it tight and smooth. Pour the puree into the pan and smooth evenly to about 1/8th in thick. The fruit is ready to dry in your dehydrator for 6 to 8 hours or the oven set at 140 for 18 hours. Check the middle for dryness to know when the fruit jerky is ready. Another name for fruit jerky is fruit leather. I guess it got this name because the flat stripes had a leather type look and feel. This is not the case with fruit jerky from Jerky Direct. Theirs is a soft chew in a round stick about twice the size around of a pencil.

Fruit Jerky Is Fun For Kids

Gluten Free Healthy Jerky

Gluten Free Jerky

Making fruit jerky is a fun activity for kids. Once the fruit is pureed and poured into the pan, dry in the sun for 1 to 2 days. Once dry, peel the leather from the plastic wrap. Using cooking cutters, kids can stamp out shapes from the fruit leather and re-wrap in plastic wrap. Scraps go into their mouths and the wrapped fruit leather will keep at room temperature for a month if well hidden.

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