Different Types Of Jerky

Jerky Direct Has Many Different Types Of Jerky

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Different Types Of Jerky From Jerky Direct

Different Types Of Jerky From Jerky Direct – Beef, Turkey, Chicken, Buffalo, Fruit

Beef Jerky – Beef is the classic choice for making jerky, and it’s absolutely delicious.  It can come in sticks, slabs, chunks or even ripple cuts.  There’s a wide range of possible flavorings, but some of the popular beef jerky flavors include teriyaki, habanera, black pepper, fajita and sweet and spicy.

Turkey Jerky -Turkey is another common meat that can be used to make a lean, flavorful and delicious jerky.  It’s often offered in slabs or nugget cuts and with flavors like teriyaki and barbeque.

Chicken Jerky – Chicken jerky is a less common choice but equally delicious. You may have trouble finding chicken jerky outside of an online source or a company like Jerky Direct.  The buffalo wing style jerky is delicious.  Be sure to look for chicken that was raised without added hormones, such as the jerky offered by Jerky Direct, when purchasing jerky.

Buffalo Jerky – Buffalo jerky is one of the different types of jerky that is hardest to find on the market.  You will very likely have to access a reliable source like Jerky Direct to get this jerky. It is offered in slabs, snackable O shaped bits and shredded jerky which is savory and delicious.  It also comes in various flavors such as black pepper, hot and teriyaki.

Pet Snack Jerky – There are meat jerky pet treats available on the market as well.  These are an all-natural wholesome treat for your pets.  You may be able to find them at pet stores, or through Jerky Direct.  They are often made out of turkey.  Be sure when buying pet treats that the meat was raised without added hormones and there are no additives like MSG or nitrites to keep your dog healthy.

Fruit Jerky – Fruit jerky is also available on the market, made from dried fruits like apples and berries.  Jerky Direct offers a good selection of delicious fruit products which are fortified with krill oil for added omega 3 fatty acids. This makes fruit jerky an excellent snack for you and your young kids.

Since Jerky Direct offers pretty much all of the different types of jerky available, this is a good source if you want to try them all.

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