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Healthy Beef Jerky

Healthy Beef Jerky For Weight Loss Benefits

Eating quality, nutritious and well balanced foods offer many people the ability to live a better and longer life. There are some of these top quality well prepared foods that seek to offer the body the right nutrients and to make sure that you enjoy a better life. The healthy beef Jerky from grass fed animals such as cattle, turkey, chicken or buffalo is one of the most perfect foods that you can enjoy eating at ant time of the day.

Healthy Protein Snack

There are many benefits that people can always enjoy when eating healthy jerky products from their local store. Eating such healthy products are a perfect snack to hold you over to the main meal of the day. It perfectly offers the best nutritional values to the body of users and makes sure that they live a better longer life. Beef and buffalo jerky is widely known for its low fat content and wonderful flavors that make sure people are able to continue living a healthier life because they are consuming natural protein. Beef jerky is a great way to have a healthy snack if you are in the process of losing weight. Protein helps fill a person up while only consuming about 100 calories per serving. It is a great product for all people who are looking forward to lose excess weight and maintain a perfect well balanced body. A one ounce piece of the beef jerky is known to provide the body with about 9 to 12 grams of protein.

Benefits Of Beef Jerky

Healthy Beef And Buffalo Jerky

Healthy Beef Jerky

Proteins are highly known to break down once reaching the intestines. The proteins is turned into amino acids. These are used by the body to help in building tissues and other enzymes that are involved in the smart functionality of all body system. Beef jerky is known for its benefits in the body. It contains 13 milligrams of cholesterol which simply equals 15% to 23% of American Heart Association recommended amounts for daily intake of at least 200 to 300 milligrams. This is the best approach to living a longer healthier life as you enjoy the delicious and safe diets all the time.

Healthy Jerky Snack

Healthy Jerky Snack

Healthy Jerky Snack

Healthy Jerky Snack

That’s right, Jerky has the perfect low fat high protein snack for dieters.  The beef jerky has 11 grans of protein and 1.5 grams of fat. tis makes for a great healthy jerky snack!

The jerky’s, beef, buffalo and turkey all range;

9 to11 grams of protein
1  to 2 grams of fat
60 to 90 calories per serving
3 – 4 servings per bag

If you are dieting you can try the high protein snack that fills you up and gives you the boost you need.  Read the rest of this article on the 10 Guidelines to help you get started on your diet.

Whether it’s the onset of spring, the start of a new year or just the thought of slashing excess weight for the summer, you might be looking for the best tips on how to start, restart or stick to a healthy low fat diet. Maybe your doctor has prescribed a specific low fat diet due to a medical condition and you need more help on how to run this diet. A healthy jerky snack is a great snack to start out with!

Here are 10 guidelines to help you get started:

1. Be realistic – If you are looking to slash excess weight you need to remain focused, dedicated and positive minded. Otherwise, be ready for disappointments or, worse still, health problems. Make it a positive experience and begin with small but achievable goals. Shedding off a pound or two per week is a sure sign that you are on the right track. A crash diet will only balk your body and ultimately result in slowed metabolism rates. Your body will then go into preservation mode resulting in no more weight loss.

2. Clear out your pantry and refrigerator – Cookies and leftover holiday pies, full fat cheeses and dairy products should all be tossed. Whether they are Valentine, Halloween or Easter candies, cast them all out. Prepare and eat foods you have at hand.

3. Restock your pantry and refrigerator – Substitute fat-free or low fat diet products for their full-fat counterparts. Purchase grains, breads and pastas; and stock them with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Limit yourself to nine servings (4 cups) of these every day.

4. Monitor serving sizes and portions. – Examine your food labels and their nutrition facts to help you understand the true meaning of a right serving size. Obviously, it’s less than you think. A food package often comes with more than one serving. Also, the nutrition analysis of these labels refers to just one portion, not the full package.

5. Always eat breakfast – Never at all skip breakfast. Here, breakfast does not mean doughnuts! Instead, a low fat diet comprises of fat free milk with whole grain cereals, yogurt and fruit for a stable blood-sugar level. A meal like this can sustain you until lunchtime.

6. Drink plenty of water – Water is an essential component for easy digestion. Also, it helps an individual to feel full before he/she can eat again. Always have a bottle of water by your side and drink frequently-you will eventually end up eating smaller portions of food.

7. Replace some of your meat dishes with vegetables – However, this should not be a reason for which you will reach for boxes of cheese or Mac. Some pasta or hearty three-bean chili with roasted vegetables might just be the best alternative.

8. Include fish in your diet at least once in a week. – Fish should be included in your list of low fat diet foods. Despite the fact that some types such as the salmon have higher levels of fat, they offer omega-3 fatty acids that are very essential for heart functions.

9. Get moving. – Watching your fat or calorie intake and completing the transition to a healthier and fat-free lifestyle are two different things. To achieve this, you need to burn extra calories by exercising regularly. Dedicate just 30 minutes of daily exercise to your schedule and set realistic goals.

10. Eat healthy snacks. – Healthy snacks include whole-grain crackers, fruit, air-popped popcorn, low-fat yogurt or raw vegetables. Occasional cravings for a cookie or a square of chocolate is not a bad idea. You just need to set them aside as special treats, though.

These guidelines will help you stick to a natural and low fat diet for a healthier and happier lifestyle. Importantly, do not deprive yourself of anything. You just need to watch what you eat, how and when. Wishing you great health!

Healthy Beef and Buffalo Jerky Snack

Which is the most recommended healthy jerky snack? Well, jerky is a form of lean meat that is trimmed and cut off its excess fats, chopped into small trips, salted and dried to preserve it from getting attacked by bacteria. It is therefore preserved when its protein to moisture content is right, cured and stored for future consumption. However, the modern jerky is usually marinated using some seasoned spice rub or liquid, dried or smoked using low heat to prevent it from getting spoiled. Jerky is therefore a ready to eat meat that needs no additional preparation and which can be prepared using either poultry, beef, fish or game meat. It can then be stored for such a long time without having to be put into a refrigerator as long as its moisture to protein content is proper and correct. One can therefore prepare for themselves some jerky. However, there are many products in the market that are sold as jerky that consist of highly processed , chopped and formed meat, rather than just the traditional sliced and whole muscle meat which then begs the question on which should be consider the most healthy jerky snack.

Since moisture and fats are removed from the meat during the preparation of jerky, a healthy jerky snack is therefore considered as an excellent source of protein with a low calorie and of course a low fat content. A healthy jerky should then be devoid of any nitrates and artificial flavors and needs to have been prepared using natural ingredients such as salt, as these may not expose the body to so much side effects. Moreover, a healthy jerky snack needs to be gluten free, 100% lean and with very minimal fat content not to mention the fact great in taste, moist, tender and seasoned to perfection, plus the fact that it has to be low in carbohydrates and low in sodium as well.

Nutritious Healthy Jerky Snack

Therefore if you need some nutritious and supper healthy, energy snack that you can eat as the best meat replacement, then an all natural jerky is the most convenient food to carry with you. This high protein, low fat and low carbohydrate snack, will make you full, provide you with enough energy that is needed to get you through as well as the desired nutrients to sustain your body. That said, a healthy jerky can therefore be recommended as the best food if you want to loose weight instead of employing the traditional diets or foods, as it allows your body to burn more calories and to digest more proteins.

Fruit Jerky

What is Fruit Jerky?

Home Made Raspberry Fruit Jerky Rollups

Raspberry Fruit Jerky Rollups

Fruit jerky is simply pureed dried fruit. The dried fruit strips are referred to as “fruit leather” because the fruit strips are shiny after they have dried. Commercial products like fruit roll ups are found on grocery store shelves. Be careful of the commercial roll ups though because they may contain more added sugar and artificial ingredients than fruit. Fruit roll-up jerky is a favorite of children and it can be a nutritious snack. Made without added sugar means they can be part of a diabetic diet as well. If you search a little you can find organic fruit jerky made without artificial ingredients and chemicals. On the other hand, you could make your own.

Easy To Make Jerky

Use one pint of fresh, home preserved, canned or frozen fruit for each 13” x 15” leather. Puree the fruit with 2 teaspoons lemon juice and 1/8th teaspoon ascorbic acid to prevent the fruit from darkening. Add a little applesauce as well for less tartness and a pliable leather. The puree should be smooth but add a bit of water if it seems thick. Cover a 13” x 15” cookie sheet with plastic wrap, making it tight and smooth. Pour the puree into the pan and smooth evenly to about 1/8th in thick. The fruit is ready to dry in your dehydrator for 6 to 8 hours or the oven set at 140 for 18 hours. Check the middle for dryness to know when the fruit jerky is ready. Another name for fruit jerky is fruit leather. I guess it got this name because the flat stripes had a leather type look and feel. This is not the case with fruit jerky from Jerky Direct. Theirs is a soft chew in a round stick about twice the size around of a pencil.

Fruit Jerky Is Fun For Kids

Gluten Free Healthy Jerky

Gluten Free Jerky

Making fruit jerky is a fun activity for kids. Once the fruit is pureed and poured into the pan, dry in the sun for 1 to 2 days. Once dry, peel the leather from the plastic wrap. Using cooking cutters, kids can stamp out shapes from the fruit leather and re-wrap in plastic wrap. Scraps go into their mouths and the wrapped fruit leather will keep at room temperature for a month if well hidden.

Best Beef Jerky

Best Beef Jerky

Best Beef Jerky Uses the Best Meat For Jerky

Best Beef Jerky Uses The Best Meat For Jerky

Traditionally, many companies that chose to market their jerky products with referral, associate, multi-level-marketing or in a store had a big problem, their product was inferior to the competition. What’s worse, with the difficulty of warehousing, inventory, and product storefront, sales usually end up stagnating. You will find that the best beef jerky products that are sweeping the nation are offering high-quality, delicious options and have label ingredient’s that are healthy and are low in preservatives. You will also find that some of the best beef jerky is made by small mom and pop shops and is sold at local farmers markets, roadside stands and even out the back of a truck near ski resorts and camping areas.

Write down how much you use of each ingredient and adjust as needed for the best beef jerky. Always use the same amount of ingredient’s since you are doing this as a home business.

The best beef jerky products are popping up all over America, and have delicious flavors that are making critics in their local area rave about their products. In an exciting new twist, the companies that are promoting their great jerky will offer customers samples of jerky until you find the type you like. But how does it differ from the standard competition? Most jerky products are on a display rack at your local grocery store and there is no way to sample the product.

The Best Beef Jerky Is Fresh, Natural And Healthy

Another advantage to purchasing jerky from the local farmers market or roadside jerky business is that the company probably uses very little to no preservatives or excessive salt. That makes them a healthier choice, and can greatly increase your chances for a sale with specific demographics. And with natural and organic options, you can even approach audiences with diet restrictions or other special needs. Having a diverse range of products is essential to any jerky home business strategy. Many offer over 20 options in their retail section alone, the varieties have their customers jumping at the opportunity for more.

Variety Of Flavors

Finally, every successful business that has great jerky products needs to have options. And, like with all the delectable products, the more options you have, the more impressed your customers will be. Choose from Natural BBQ Turkey or Hot Habanero Beef Sticks, or even Organic Teriyaki style, all handmade in a certified smokehouse. With such a diverse product base, and such incredibly and unique options a home jerky business is sure to be a huge success for countless lucky individuals.

Below – Very Good Video About Beef Jerky And The Best Cut Of Meat To Use

Start With The Best Beef Jerky, Dehydrator, Recipe And Cut Of Meat For Jerky

If you decide to start your own jerky home business it is important to start with the best beef jerky recipe and the best meat . This is the number one jerky that people purchase and it is important to start with several varieties of beef jerky. You will also want to have the best jerky dehydrator you can afford to get started with. Having the best dehydrator for jerky will help to eliminate problems and add to having a consistent product. Along with this you will want to use the best cut of meat for jerky and get it from a reliable source. Purchasing from a specialized meat market vs the corner grocery store has some advantages. Your best friend may end up being your butcher that can deliver you fresh meat to make the best beef jerky around.

Jerky Direct Review

 Jerky Direct Review

Scientific finds always suggest that red meat is not healthy for you to eat a lot of on a constant basis. So does this mean that red meat is entirely bad for your health? I think not. You get to enjoy the benefits of Red meat, particularly beef, when you prepare it the right way and when you choose fatless cuts. Many companies are not able to give you healthy beef. However, Jerky Direct products can deliver you a good alternative of organic beef that helps your body create muscle, heal wounds, build bones, and give you energy. In this Jerky Direct review you will find that jerky is a healthy way to make a high protein low fat meat product. 

Jerky Direct products are distributed through a legitimate network marketing platform where the sales representatives can get residual income while eating healthy. Jerky Direct products are a healthy red meat option for you and your family. All the products has the same stuff-Beef, chicken, turkey, buffalo but in different flavors and cuts of meat. If you are on an all protein weight loss diet, this is one option you could go for.

Jerky Direct Review Of Ingredients

Jerky Direct Products are 100% organic foods prepared from a range of natural products such as organic beef, water, organic vinegar, sea salt, and natural smoke flavoring, red pepper, among other products. These products do not have any form of artificial flavors and preservatives. These products are available in either beef meat snacks, buffalo steak, or turkey meat slices, all in sweet and spicy alternatives. You purchase these from a salesperson or the company website.

Healthy Benefits Of Jerky Direct

If you are looking for the right red meat for your healthy weight loss recipe, why don’t you throw in some jerky direct organic products? If you want to test on the credibility of these natural foods, following the cattle can help. These steers are fed purely on grass therefore, you can eat with some peace of mind that you are not eating some chemicals or hormone grown meat. Jerky products are healthy, delicious and are perfect for that snack instead of taking oil saturated fries.

The jerky direct organic products are low in fat and there helps you achieve your healthy diet targets. Jerky Direct delivers you about 100 calories and 10 grams of protein in every 1.2 to 1.5 ounce serving and is a guarantee of naturally healthy nutrients. The beef jerky product has complied with the American Heart Association cholesterol recommendations because it has about 15% cholesterol.

Life Benefits Making Money While Eating Healthy Jerky Snacks

One of the coolest things with the Jerky Direct range of products is that it offers you a healthy living alternative as you get some residual income. By joining their network marketing platform, you are rewarded for every referral that successfully enrolls to the network under you. Additionally, the Jerky Direct Products are low cost. You can also get them at discounted rates when you purchase in wholesale. So, why don’t you try Jerky Direct Products for healthy living? 

This site covers much more on the Jerky opportunity available. Along with a lot of information on jerky you will find this site to give you a great understanding about the Jerky Direct review of its line of organic beef jerky and other jerky products.

Jerky Direct Review

Jerky Direct Review

Gluten Free Jerky

Gluten Free Jerky Snack

You may have heard rumblings in the world of health and diet about avoiding gluten. More and more people are avoiding gluten because of the health concerns that come with it. For example, some people with a bad form of gluten sensitivity are actually suffering from celiac disease which causes a severe immune reaction.

Less severe gluten sensitivities can still because serious health problems like diarrhea, joint pain and bloating. While not everyone should go gluten-free, anyone with a gluten sensitivity needs to avoid it. And for the rest of us, we may be getting too much gluten anyway, and switching to some gluten-free alternatives may be a good choice.

Whether you’re gluten sensitive or not, trying gluten free jerky is a good decision for your health.

Gluten Free Jerky Is A High Protein Snack From Jerky Direct

Gluten Free Healthy Jerky

Gluten Free Jerky

Gluten free jerky is a high protein snack with a healthy serving of iron. This can’t be said for a lot of other snacks. If you purchase your jerky wisely, you’re not only getting a snack that doesn’t contain gluten, but also you’ll be avoiding things like MSG, preservatives and nitrites.

There are more and more options for gluten free snacks available at the store, but gluten free jerky is not always easy to find. Jerky Direct is the best source for gluten free jerky. You can choose between a long list of gluten free options and it will be delivered directly to your door, so you don’t have to make a special trip to a health foods store. The gluten free jerky is clearly marked so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time reading labels and shuffling around store shelves. Jerky Direct jerky also tastes really good – unlike some of the bland gluten free snacks flooding the market right now.

Pick These Gluten Free Jerky’s From Jerky Direct

Gluten free doesn’t mean a sacrifice in taste and flavor. Jerky Direct has spicy hot wing style chicken jerky that is gluten free, as well as organic beef jerky free of gluten. Also, jerky gives you high protein iron source, which many of us are lacking anyway. Happy snacking!

Healthy Lunch Snacks

Simple And Easy Snacks

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard! You don’t even have to count calories if you choose delicious, whole foods. Whole foods are food that haven’t had anything added to them or taken away from them. Fruit, raw nuts, and raw veggies are great choices for healthy snacks. Make sure you eat foods from lots of different food groups. A healthy lunch might have a sandwich made from two slices of whole wheat bread, a few slices of sliced turkey or chicken, Romaine lettuce, and tomatoes. Add a fresh piece of fruit and a bottle of water and you’ve got yourself a healthy lunch.

Keep Snacks In The Refrigerator

Munching on healthy breakfast snacks during the day will help to keep you feeling fuller between meals. There is nothing wrong with snacking during the day I the snacks are healthy. A great way to make sure you always have healthy snacks ready is to pack snack foods in to baggies and keep them in the fridge so that they are always ready.

The best way to have healthy meals and snacks is to cook your food at home. When you make the food yourself, you know what is in it and you can make sure it’s healthy. If you are making baked treats try using whole wheat flour instead of bleached white flour. If you are making something sweet, try using honey instead of white sugar. Adding fresh fruit can also make treats taste sweeter. Another way to make snacks and meals healthier is to cut out lots of added ingredients. Read the labels on the food you buy. If it has things you can’t pronounce it’s probably best not to eat it or to find something different to eat.

Eating healthy meals and snacks is easy and fun! You can teach your family how important making healthy food choices really is. This site is about jerky but jerky is just one of so many different healthy snacks. Many people are happy with a snack as easy as low fat yogurt and some berries and nuts added. There are many healthy snacks so there is no reason that anybody can give you as to why they cannot find one for themselves.

Below you can see that Jerky Direct has something for everyone. This is just a sample of the over 30 different flavored snacks that Jerky Direct has for you to try and buy.
Jerky Snacks

Energy And Protein Bars

Very Important Ingredients in Energy and Protein Bars

I have added this article for those of you that do not want to eat jerky as a way to get protein. There are many other ways to get your high protein in the way of a snack. Many of these snacks are good if you are looking to lose weight with a weight loss diet.

Importance Of Protein And Ways To Get It

Protein Meal On The GoFitness experts certainly agree that proper diet and exercise are very vital to gain lean mass muscle and also maintain proper body fitness. Food bars serves as a quick and convenient sources of energy that help bodybuilders and athletes to build resistance, endurance and recovery. Food bars are can be used before exercise to provide energy and increase endurance, and after workouts to boost recovery. However, it is very important to ensure you choose the right food bars. The following are important ingredients to watch out when looking for the food bars.

Other Important Ingredients To Eat

Fiber– if you are looking for energy bars, it is very important to consider the amount of fiber contained. Fibers are very important to the people who want to lose weight and build lean mass muscle. However, you should avoid bars rich in fiber during exercise because they can cause gastrointestinal distress. If you are looking for energy, each bar should contain at least three grams of fiber.

Green tea extract– this another common ingredient in energy bars. Green tea extract is very important because it enhances thermogenesis which can help to fight excess weight. However, green tea extracts are not the best choice for athletes because they are rich in caffeine that can limit performance. This extract is used in many weight loss products.

If you are looking for the protein bars, it is always good to choose protein bars with more than 30%. Whey Protein provides an excellent source of protein that is easily absorbed into the body. However, some protein bars contain soy that can also provide a good amount of protein.

Check The Fat Content Of What You Are Eating

When choosing protein bars, it is also very important to look at the fat content. The amount of fat in the protein bar is important because it determines calorie content of the bar. If you are using protein bars without the combination of energy bars, it is very important to ensure you use protein bars with a good amount of protein.
All Natural Beef Jerky

High Protein Snack

High Protein Low Fat Snacks

Between avoiding things like gluten and MSG, and the prevalence of allergies to things like peanut butter, it’s getting harder to find healthy snacks that are also filling. Luckily, Jerky Direct offers a high protein snack that is low fat and healthy.

Healthy Turkey And Beef Jerky

High Protein Snack

If you are looking for snacks that can fit within tight dietary restrictions, jerky is perfect. There are options for gluten free, MSG free, organic and preservative free. And there are plenty of options that fit all of these criteria!

Jerky Direct products give a healthy serving of protein. This means they are filling, unlike some of the other pre-packaged things you can find at stores such as potato chips. An ounce of beef, buffalo or turkey jerky can have 9 to 11 grams of protein in it.

High Protein Snack For Healthy Eating

This makes them a great snack for active people who are health-conscious and striving towards physical fitness, weight loss or muscle building. Jerky is also a great snack for kids thanks to the boost of iron, something that a lot of kids don’t get enough of. If you have teenagers or college kids, beef jerky is the perfect thing to hand them when they give you the typical complaint of “there’s nothing to eat!”

Compared to other high protein, low fat snacks, jerky is also affordable and convenient. There’s no preparation involved when you use a company like Jerky Direct, and you can even have your jerky delivered right to your door. If you need a quick high protein snack in a pinch and you don’t have time to make something from scratch, healthy jerky is a great thing to have in the pantry.

The taste is another thing worth mentioning! Jerky is simply delicious, and it’s a perennial favorite. There’s a reason that it’s one of the oldest foods known to man. It’s easily portable, has a long shelf life and provides a boost of energy without caffeine or other chemicals. So the next time you are looking for something to snack on you may want to try a jerky high protein snack.

Selling for Jerky Direct

If you’re considering starting your own business through Jerky Direct, you’ve probably been wondering what exactly it’s like to be a Jerky Direct seller. This article will share some insider tips and tricks of the trade so that you know exactly what it’s like to be an independent distributor for this company.

Initial Investment For Jerky Direct

Jerky Direct $12 Home Business Opportunity

Selling Jerky Direct

– First of all, the initial investment into Jerky Direct is really low – just twelve dollars and change. This immediately sets it apart from many other marketing companies that require an initial investment closer to $100. You can spend more if you want, but you can start for just $12, which is a really good thing. It means that you can test the waters without a huge investment.

Free Company Website

– Second, Jerky Direct gives you a free website to kick off your business, which is a good marketing tool. If you put the work into developing your online marketing, you can instantly gain search-ability and sales online. The world of online marketing is practically unlimited, and as a Jerky Direct seller you can take advantage of it.

Quality Product That Sells Itself

Gluten-Free-JerkyAnother thing to be aware of when it comes to choosing any marketing and sales opportunity is how marketable and easy to sell the product will be. With Jerky Direct, the product is high quality. The founder of Jerky Direct is a leader in the industry and spent years studying the dried meat market before creating Jerky Direct. This means that the product basically sells itself. Another advantage for easy sales is the wide range of possible clientele. With other MLM businesses, you are focusing on a smaller market, such as selling makeup, scent related home products or food storage products. These companies are all easy sells to women, but they cut men mostly out of the equation.

When you are selling for Jerky Direct, your customers will be women and men. You can target parents, because jerky is a healthy snack choice for kids. You can sell to pet owners because Jerky Direct offers pet snacks. And while you may think that you won’t be able to target people who don’t eat meat – there are actually fruit snacks available through the company as well. These snacks are made with fish oils, so strict vegans won’t be able to eat them – but most vegetarians do make allowances in their diets for fish and fish oils which are high in Omega 3’s.
All of these factors add up to make selling for Jerky Direct a simple and basically easy way to make money. With dedication and a little bit of effort, you can create a website and a clientele base that makes your initial investment back easily.
Jerky Direct