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Jerky Direct 

Call the company Jerky Direct at (612) 408-0070 for more information. This website is not affiliated with the company but is a personal website about jerky.

Jerky Direct provides high quality snack products that are minimally processed and healthy.

Jerky Direct Beef Jerky

Many of the products contain no MSG,  they are gluten free, no nitrites, no artificial ingredients and no added preservatives that are not necessary. The meat products are made from all natural meats, cattle, buffalo, turkeys and chickens that are range raised and feed. The meats are made in the USDA certified smokehouses using real hickory smoke and other natural flavorings. The meats are raised without added hormones or genetic modifications and inspected by the USDA as all natural. Jerky Direct also offers fruit products that are healthy and delicious, and flavored with only all-natural ingredients. The company even offers a healthy and nutritious pet snack that your dogs will love.

More To Jerky Direct

But there is even more to this company than quality products at great prices. It is also the most simple business opportunity available. As a distributor, you’ll be given all of the resources you need to sell these great products.

Organic Jerky USDA All Natural

Jerky Direct USDA All Natural

Unlike other types of businesses, this one is affordable. While many other companies, franchises and business opportunities require an investment of $100 or more, Jerky Direct is a business that you can start for just $22 a month plus about ? for product shipment. Many times people order several more bags of product so they can share with people. Face it, it is a lot easier to get a person to join a company if they try the product and like it before they join.

Healthy And Organic

All of the products are affordable to the consumer and to you as a representative if you do decide to join.  You’ll have no trouble selling a product that is high quality, healthy and delicious, for less than your customers can find similar snack foods at the store. Most jerky snacks range in price for a 2 1/2 to 3 oz bag. Some specialty flavors go for a lot more.

Building Your Business

When it comes to building a business and your downline, it couldn’t be easier!
While many people start MLM businesses and then drop out, Jerky Direct makes it so easy to make money that you’ll have a successful downline of sellers in no time. Not only is the monthly investment so affordable, but the company also provides all sellers with a free company replicated website and marketing tools to make selling the jerky really easy to do. I have to personally admit that building this business can be a challenge. It will vary from person to person and is not for everyone. Some people make money and some do not. Some people that join will be happy to just get their jerky at wholesale prices and eat their profits. I order 4 packs a month and eat it all up by myself. I love the stuff!

Whether you’re looking for a great quality, healthy snack provider or you’re ready to make a life-changing decision to start your own business, this is great way to go. Marketing a quality product is a lot easier than marketing one that is sub par. A low fat high protein organic healthy product is available from Jerky Direct, now that’s quality!

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